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ICVIT is executing eco friendly affordable sustainable village projects in rural India. These projects will impact the future generations for years to come.

ICVIT is seeking funds as well as volunteers who can share their skills and expertise in various areas.

If you have education or experience in water purification or waste water management or in various areas of rural development and are interested in volunteering your time in rural India, specifically in Punjab or wish to donate to our worthy cause, please contact Dr. G.S Gill at


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Uppal Khalsa, District Jilander
Uppal Khurd, District Jilander

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Low income communities which do not have adequate sanitation facilities are exposed to high risk of infection with excreta-related diseases. Childrens under 3 are particularly susceptible to diarrheal diseases. Older childrens and adults are likely to be infected with intestinal worms commonly the human roundworms and the human hookworms. 70% of india's population has no access to improved sanitation facilities. 5000,000 infants die annually because of poor sanitation facilities. India loses Rs. 5 billion every year in medical treatment and loss of work. 90% reduction in gastroenteritis in our completed projects compared to same villages earlier.


In 2005, Government of Punjab offered to match or exceed funds collected by NON RESIDENT INDIANS under PUNNRI CD SCHEME 2.35 and presently called PUNNRI CD SCHEME.1.ICFSBC not only collected funds from NRI but also from CANADIAN INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AGENCY and white Canadians. So far ICFSBC has been instrumental in remitting about 2 million dollars in the development of rural projects.

Our Mission is focus on providing rural Indian villages with:
  • Access to clean drinking water
  • Sewerage disposal systems
  • Paved village streets with concrete
  • Solar street lighting
  • Computers in school if none available.
  • Sanitary living condition
  • Governance
  • Empowerment of women
  • Other infrastructural upgrades